Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hard 8 Vol. 2 (Coming soon)

Hello there, and welcome to my little blogspot. I have been procrastinating too long to put a blog together, so now that I am between jobs I have the opportunity to start one.

I finished this pinup a couple of months ago for my friends at Hard 8. The comic takes place in Las Vegas and the main characters name is Hard 8 who is an ex mobster who got his two index fingers chopped off and now he is out to seek revenge. Hard 8 is a compilation of different artist and its very fascinating to see different peoples rendition of the character and his adventures in Las Vegas!

They told me I could do anything I want so I came up with this idea of is that in poker there is different names for sets of cards (i.e suicide kings and etc.) So I put the main character in a very special poker game where the fate of the players lies in the cards literally. The direction I took was that my main character Hard 8, in a position where he has one of the deadliest hands he could possibly receive, Dead Man's Hand! These last moments of the game could mean life or death depending on his decision.

Thanks for stopping by, I will have some new animation coming soon so stay tooned!!!

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Blogelow said...

thanks for giving props to hard 8. hows it going ben?